Sunday, February 7, 2010

Weekly report WEEK 2

On our first week of class, the chef give us a task regarding about experiments 7.6 - Angel Cake.
Given a Basic Formula to make the cake. We bake the cake according to our given procedure, each group has their own procedure.Refer to below photo for more details.

Task Implementation

During the experiment, our chef has given 5 procedure which is

  1. Varying the amount of stroke/ folding
  2. Varying the amount of beating of the whites
  3. Varying the cream of tartar
  4. Varying the amount and type of flour
  5. Varying the sugar
Our group is group number 1 so we were given procedure number one, which is varying the amount of folding.

Before the task

Before our group doing the task, all group were given a few minutes the measure all ingredients based on the basic formula and bake 3 cakes according to the procedure.

During the task

As we implement the type A folding method (20x). We found that the mixture is overflow and rise while pouring it at the baking cup. Mean while type B folding ( 50x Control) is perfectly fits the baking cup. As for the type C folding (80x), we found that the mixture 50% reduce compare to the control formula.

After the task

All the type A, B and C has the same baking time. During the testing period, we forgot take the volume of the cake and end up with a missing volume.These action will not be repeated. As for the other details please click at th picture above.

Here some photo that manage to be taken. ^__^


The experiment is quite interesting, as we get to learn about different method of baking cake. Beside that we also learn on what happend and the cause of the cake changing texture and form.

Monday, February 1, 2010

The first testing post

Elllooee there..

Dun worry there will more report to come..