Tuesday, March 2, 2010

4th week Fruit leather

On the 4th week of experiments, the chef giving us a task, which is making a fruit leather.
Given the formula to do the task.Our group were given to make an apple leather.

Task Implementation

During the experiment, our chef has given 2 procedure which is

  1. Using sugar
  2. Using honey
Before the task

Before our group doing the task, all group were given a few minutes the measure all ingredients based on the basic formula and follow the according to the procedure.

During the task

We followed all the procedure according to the procedure. One with honey and another one with sugar. All the baking process take up about 3 1/2 hour to drying up the moisture.

After the task

After the drying and baking the mixture. Each group were given time to test and evaluate the product. As for our group. The honey apple leather were a bit chewy and has strong flavor rather than the sugar apple leather.

Picture taken

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