Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Week 5 Kacang foul curry

So on our week 5, Our group decided to make a gravy by using foul bean ( kancang parang).

Task Implementation
  • Using kacang parang for gravy

Ful Madammas is usually Arabian and Eygyp psalad contain Ful beans (madammas beans) and its is garnish with a dash of olive oil, garlic and parsley.Ful medames is a popular breakfast dish inEgypt. It is served usually with a pita bread. The pita bread is sometimes used as a scoop for the fava beans. Ful medames dates back to ancient Egypt.

On our recipe we will use the following

· 2 cans of foul maddamas beans( can buy at Arabic grocery store)

· 3 clove of garlic

· 2 nos of onions

· 2 cm of ginger

· 5 nos of green chilies

The above portions will be blend together.

· Mince shallots 3 nos

· 3tbsp of (rempah daging) beef curry powder.

· 1 small can of tomato puree

· Salt to taste.

(Use ghee to sautéing)

The above portions will be saute together and then pour all the mixture into 1 big pot and cook it about 30 minutes on medium heat.

Time line of experiments.

Including preparation time 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Before task

As usual, each group were given a few minutes to prepare the ingredient.

During task.

We follow all the recipe method. Using kacang parang as the base.

After the task

As we. finally complete our experiments of our product. We give out a few sample for the other group. All of the group were satisfied with the result. However the chef told us that the gravy was okay but it is lacks of effort and difficultness. So the chef recommended us to bake a cookies or biscuit base on kacang parang.

Here some picture taken

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