Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Week 7

Hmm what to say.. hmmm So on our week 7, we decided to bake the cookies using the canned foul madammas and another batch of cookies using dried foul maddamas but grind it finely.

Task implementations
  • Using canned foul madammas as the base
  • Another batch of cookies using dried foul maddamas ( grind very fine ) added another 50 gm for flavour improvements
  • Added 100 gm of chocolate for extra flavour.
Before task

As usual, each group were given a few minutes to prepare the ingredient.

During task

Using the original recipe as a guidelines plus a few changes on the task implementation. Baked on the same temperature of the original recipe with 45 minutes of baking time. There is no problem occour.

After task
As usual, after the baking time, we let it cool for a while. A few group member and also the chef told us that using ghee is unhealthy. So for our next experiments we will using no ghee.

Picture taken

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