Wednesday, March 24, 2010

week 6 Foul maddamas brown sugar biscuit.

So on our 6 week of experiments. We decided to follow the chef recommendation. After a few discussion we manage to create suitable recepi for the cookies.

Review the following recipe

Foul maddamas brown sugar biscuit.


* 100gm butter

* 100gm ghee

* 80 gm brown sugar

* 1 egg yolk

* 1 tbsp apple green flavor

* ½ tbsp of accent vanilla

* 100 gm cashew

* 50 castor sugar

Ingredient B

* 250 gm wheat flour

* 50 gm foul madamma paste or dried and crushed

* ½ baking powder


1. Beat the butter along with the ghee and the brown sugar until creamy.

2. Add the egg yolk, apple flavor accent and vanilla accent. Beat thoroughly.

3. Add the wheat flour and foul maddamas paste all together with a baking powder.

4. Shape the doh evently.

Bake at the oven about 170 c for 20 minutes.

Task implementation

  • Baking cookies using dried kacang parang

  • Followed the original recipe.

Before task

As usual, each group were given a few minutes to prepare the ingredient.

During task

As we followed the original recipe. There no problem acour. However we change the baking time from 20 minutes to 45 minutes.

After task

After the baking time were over. we take out the tray and let it cool for a while. As usual, we gave a few sample of the cookies and we find out that the cookies were too frail and chewy. The chef told us that the cookies was okay however we need to grind the dried kacang parang until it is on the fine powdery state. So the chef told us to substitute with canned foul maddamas

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