Tuesday, March 30, 2010

week 8th

So, what up's for week 8?hmmmm well our group finally decided to followed our fellow friend and the chef advice which is not to put ghee at all since ghee is unhealthy.

Task implementations
  • Using canned foul madammas as the base
  • Another batch of cookies using dried foul maddamas ( grind very fine ) added another 50 gm for flavour improvements
  • Added 100 gm of chocolate chips for extra flavour.
  • Substitute ghee with another 100gm of butter
Before task

As usual, each group were given a few minutes to prepare the ingredient.

During task

Using the original recipe as a guidelines plus a few changes on the task implementation which is subtitude the ghee with 100gm of butter. Baked on the same temperature of the original recipe with 45 minutes of baking time. There is no problem occour.

After task
As usual, after the baking time, we let it cool for a while. The cookies turn out pretty well. Crispy and crunchy and not too chewy, however because there is no present of ghee the cookies lacks of its usual rich flavour. So for next report our group decided to add 50 gm of ghee so the the previous recipe for the butter will be 150 gm instead of 200 gm. Since our group worried that the chocolate-chip flavour will overpower the natural flavour of the kacang parang so we decided to subtitude the chocolate chip with dried raspberries.

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